General Use

1. How does it work?
Each lamp is charged while at rest on the cradle. The cradle is a wireless charger. The Droplets, once charged, can be separated and used as individual lamps.
2. How long does the battery last?
It depends on the brightness setting. It lasts up to 72 hours on the lowest level setting, 5 to 6 hours on the mid setting and 2 to 3 hours at the highest-level setting.
3. How long is the battery life?
The battery capacity remains at 80% after 300 cycles. You can continue to use it without any problems.
4. Is the battery replaceable?
Yes, the battery can be replaced. It’s very easy. You’ll be able to download the manual showing you how to from our website.
5. Is the LED bulb replaceable?
Yes. All replacement parts will be available from our website.
6. Where can I buy the extra battery?
All replacement parts will be available on our website.
7. How can I change the brightness?
There are two ways to control the brightness. The first option is using the touch switch. Tapping it will switch the light on and change the brightness. If you touch and hold it for more than 2 seconds, the light will be switched off. The second option is to use the smart app. Touching the area around the lighting on the screen will switch it on and change the brightness. If you touch and hold, the light will be turned off.
8. Can I install it on a high / low ceiling?
Doolight can easily be installed at a ceiling height of 8~10 feet. If your ceiling is higher then 10 feet or lower then 8, please contact info@doolight.com.


1. What if I switch it off at the wall switch?
The Droplets will stop charging. But you still can use the app and Alexa. There’s a battery in the Flower Base so it keeps working except for charging the Droplets, so it is designed to work for up to a week.
2. What is the voltage of the Flower Base?
We support from AC 110~230V.
3. What is the voltage of the Leaf Base?
The Leaf Base needs DC 12V, which you’ll be provided in a high quality power adapter.
4. Can it be charged via conventional smartphone wireless chargers?
No. Conventional wireless chargers won’t work with Doolight.
5. Can I use a 5V smartphone charger?
No. There’s no port for connectors.


1. Is it waterproof?
The Droplet is being developed to an international standard rating of IP67 which means it is deemed fit to withstand dust, dirt and sand, and is resistant to spraying water. But lighting isn’t supposed to be played with in water. It’s best to be careful and to give your lighting a longer-life span by keeping it away from water.
2. Is it safe for kids?
Its edgeless design and soft materials are technically safe for users of all ages. However, we are not FDA or UL certified.
3. How durable is it?
All the materials we use are highly impact protected: poly carbonate, aluminum, steel, silicone and urethane. We did a 6 feet drop test, which was 100% successful.

App and Voice Control

1. Where can I get the APP?
Please search “Doolight” in both the Google playstore and Apple’s appstore.
2. Is the App only in English?
The App has a graphic interface that most people can intuitively understand how to use. We only have an English version, however, we will add Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean with firmware updates.
3. How can I connect to Alexa?
You’ll be able to connect Flower Base to Alexa. And the Droplets will be connected to the Flower Base so you can control the Droplets by voice. Therefore, only the Leaf Base and Droplet itself can not be used by Alexa. Apple Homekit and Google Home work the same way.
4. Can I use the app without the Flower Base?
Yes, even though you can’t use the Alexa without the Flower Base, you sill can use the app. Full function control via the app.
5. Which OS version does it support?
We support Android Pie and iOS11. Please keep your smartphone up to date.
6. Can I connect to Apple Homekit / Amazon Echo / Google Home?
Yes, but you need at least one Flower Base to use Alexa. Individual droplets or a Leaf-set itself won’t be connected. Google home is pretty much the same. For Apple Homekit... we've been trying to make it but there were too many obstacles. The development will take too long and it's to difficult to match Apple's unpredictable requirements. However, we are still planning to make it just the Homekit function won't be included in the pre-order shipping. It may be included in the future firmware updates.
7. How many Droplets can be connected to a smartphone?
As long as there’s no walls or barriers to the connection, there’s no limit.
8. Can I control many Droplets at once with the App?
Yes, you can control them together and individually.


1. Which countries do you ship to?
We ship to certain countries. USA, Canada, Brazil, EU countries, UK, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philipphines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore.
2. Order from other countries. How can I buy it?
Due to the lithium battery shipping policy, it’s quite pricy to send to individual countries. But we would like to find solutions for all customers. Please contact info@doolight.com
3. How long will the shipping take?
Shipping will take about 2 weeks. It’s planned for May 2019 and we’ll give you notice before shipping starts.


1. Can I change the color of the light?
No. Doolight doesn't support RGB.
2. What is the color temperature (Kelvin)?
2800K (warm white). Similar to an incandescent lamp.
3. Are there any other colors?
There is only white. Other colors will be launched at a later date.
4. Is it certified?
Certifications are scheduled on Fab. 2019. We are planning to get FCC, CE, KC, Telec and PSE.
5. Where is it made?
It is made in South Korea. We hope that one day it will just be made in Korea as there will be no such thing as North or South before Korea.
7. How do I become a seller/ stockist / distributor?
Please contact info@doolight.com
8. Do you offer discounts on bulk / wholesale orders?
“Retailer Set” is the wholesale price. But after the campaign finishes, MOQ will be higher than 5 sets. So don’t miss this chance if you’re considering becoming a seller. Any other questions about bulk orders, please contact info@doolight.com
9. Who is the manufacturer of the LED bulb?
Our LED manufacturer is Seoul Semiconductor, one of the highest quality LED parts producers in the world.


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